5Romances Worth Reading

I’m a huge fan of books with diverse characters and so am always on the hunt for these. From a biracial movie producer in Bollywood to a small town mayor, from an Irish crime family to sleek offices in a glass and steel tower, they all make me tingle with anticipation. There are virgins, CEOS, ex-soldiers battling with their demons, a shockingly modern child marriage, a jilted bride and a Greek millionaire. A Broadway hopeful, a heroine who can’t swim, a chef obsessed with creating mouth-watering concoctions, an animal shelter worker and a single mother. There are kisses on a ferry, in the dark, kisses where he walks away and kisses leading to something more. There are heroes with chips on their shoulders, heroes dealing with nightmares, and alpha males who fall in love for the first time. There seems to be a common thread between a few: mothers who are real bitches. When I look at the books I’ve written, I’m happy/sorry to say I’ve carried on this trend. The ne…

Why I write romance


Why I write romance. Romance novels have a central theme: a happily ever after. The book is about how they get there, overcoming obstacles and resolving conflict. A romance novel delves into the emotional state of the hero and heroine’s mind. A good romance has a solid foundation of all three pillars: character, conflict and resolution. I write romance because I can play with all three elements beginning with giving my protagonists interesting jobs, gorgeous physical appearances and setting them in visually pleasing surroundings. Even names are quite crucial, as I will begin to think of them as such. When I become them, dialogues flow more easily from my fingers to the screen. They become alive and dynamic instead of inert and stiff. I can be an en…

The Enemy Within

350 pages, 2016.
           ISBN 9780-9877-484-2-3

Spanning three decades, set against the backdrop of Quebec politics, a memorable portrait of a woman caught between worlds.
Sita has always had men in her life. But they’ve always loved her less than she did them. First, her father, a cold and distant man; then her husband. But things change when she loses her baby girl, Sita sees clearly for the first time and her heart hardens. As her children grow up, so does she. While at university her professor, Julian Brannigan falls in love with her. But Sita is very married so he keeps his secret. Then in Heidelberg, Germany, where Sita is getting her postdoctoral training in Dr. Seidel’s lab, Miguel Santiago wants to sweep her off her feet if only she’ll let him. To Sita, even a loveless marriage is sacred. Spanning three decades and set against the ba…

Fireflies in the Night

Fireflies in the Night
Historical, Literary Fiction. EXCERPT

Chapter one Eastward

In 1957, Achankulangara Namboodiripad Krishnan sits on the side veranda of his rented home in Madurai in the state of Madras, South India, three wet betel leaves clutched in his hand. With the end of his shirt tail, he wipes them dry. Opening a silver box in which he keeps condiments, he spreads pink lime paste with a silver spoon on each of the three leaves using his bent knee to hold them together. From another pot he uses his fingers to sprinkle fragrant betel nut shavings spiced with cloves and cinnamon over the paste. The final layer is sweet grated coconut. After rolling the leaves, he places the packet in his mouth and chews. He does this slowly, for the roll is rather large and his tongue often gets caught between his teeth. He savours the burst of flavour filling his mouth, leans back and closes his eyes. A drop of the betel juice trickles down his throat…